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Self Storage in Vilnius

About ParkiFly self-storage

Hello, you've probably decided to declutter your home from unnecessary or seasonal items that you don't want to throw away.

Are you perhaps looking for a place to store your bike or car tires during the off-season?

ParkiFly has a truly European solution to solve this problem.

Rent a storage unit or cube of the necessary size located near your home and feel how spacious your apartment or balcony can be.

If you're developing a business, we'd be happy to accept items related to your business activities.

Locations of storage rental centers 📍

Mūsų ir mūsų partnerių sandėliukų centrų skaičius sparčiai auga. Turime centrus šiuose Vilniaus mikrorajonuose:

  • Fabijoniškės
  • Naujamiestis
  • Justiniškės
  • Antakalnis
  • Pašilaičiai
  • Baltupiai

For the location you're interested in, send an inquiry below.

Sizes of storage units and rental prices

1 m³ (cube)

Will you fit:

  • 10 medium-sized boxes
  • 2-4 suitcases

Price: from 15€/month

1 m²

Will you fit:

  • 20 medium-sized boxes
  • a bicycle
  • car tyres

Price: from 20€/month

2.5 m²

Will you fit:

  • 50 medium-sized boxes
  • 3 bicycles
  • a motorbike

Price: from 60€/month

10 m²

Will you fit:

  • 200 medium-sized boxes
  • a boat
  • furniture from a medium-sized apartment

Price: from 150€/month

Why choose our storage facilities?

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Additional information about item storage at ParkiFly storage units

As real estate prices rise in major cities, people often start living in smaller owned or rented apartments. Consequently, there is often a shortage of space for belongings, especially seasonal ones.

ParkiFly has found a truly European solution to this problem - renting storage lockers and warehouses.

We are striving to open at least one storage center in densely populated microdistricts so that every resident of the capital city can rent a storage box or unit near their home.

Which items should be stored in a storage unit rather than at home?

All seasonal items that are not in use or those you currently do not use but don't want to throw away. Here are a few examples of what you could store in ParkiFly storage units to free up space in your home:

  • Bicycles (with 24/7 access, you can pick up or drop off your bicycles at any time of the day)
  • Unused furniture
  • Items from a rented apartment (perhaps you're leaving for a while and have nowhere to leave your belongings)
  • Products from online stores
  • Documents (the premises are warm, dry, and well-ventilated)
  • Car tyres
  • Tools

Your home could look like this:

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Or like this:

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